Support to groups, cooperatives, associations

Promotion and search of new partners, by organising events and advertising in social networks, institutions and cooperation and exchange organizations

[This is only a summary. The rest of the text available only in Spanish for now]



  1. lincoln agency - Tuesday March 7th, 2017

    Hoi Jeannine *freu*Und häsch di scho wieder erholt? =)Ich wür mir froie, wennd wieder e mal mit mir an ä Buechmess chunsch, aber dänn grad für zwei bis drü Täg.Danke, das freut mir, wenn de Bricht guät worde isch =)Ganz liäbi Grüässli zrugg a dich!

  2. alessandro - Monday March 16th, 2015


    I`m searching for some Project of cohousing to learn and participate in realization.


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