Íñigo Redondo Barranco

Inigo RedondoArchitect. International Projects. [ ]

Bilbao. 1975

Colegiado C.O.A.M. nº 15377

Iñigo Redondo, graduated in Architecture at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in 2003.

After a decade in partnership, co-leading MEROestudio, which receives wide recognition at national and international level,being awarded, shortlisted and displayed in several competitions and exhibitions(Spain, Switzerland, Estonia, Brasil…), Iñigo Redondo founds YRestudio Arquitecture Office in 2017, where he continues developing new conceptual and building paradigms, mainly focused in social housing, from a strong sustainable construction concern.

Nowadays he works together with Rogelio Ruiz at eCohousing, an architecture office focused on collaborative social housing strategies, and specifically on working with cooperative groups, for the design and construction of cohousing projects for senior and disabled people.

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